Case Study |

mRNA ordering & order tracking


The Company

A biotechnology company pioneering in mRNA drug development and personal vaccine.

The Challenge

To meet the company’s partnership goals it needs to ensure efficient mRNA development pipeline for its ventures in diverse therapeutic areas.

The Goal 

Provide support for internal mRNA ordering, order tracking in different developmental stages from DNA synthesis to mRNA synthesis and mRNA quality control, decreased turnaround time and robot integration for increased pipeline efficiency.

Project Phases

We used an existing automation platform as the main platform to build internal order tracking. This order tracking app supports multiple development teams including DNA Synthesis team, DNA Prep team, mRNA team, QC and Supply Chain team. The order tracking app allows users from different teams to track order status and provide decision support during order tracking stages. We then integrated the portal with instruments, mainly the robot, freezers and printers. We also integrated the app with other functional apps like Inventory app, Supply Chain app, QC app and Shipping app. We designed our data modal to be easily tracked and analyzed. Our order data can also be used by the Data Science team. We now support the daily user and automate other order decision support features to minimize manual work and reduced turnaround time across all departments.


Challenges faced throughout the project can be broken down into following categories:

  • Prioritizing Project:  Due to the complexity of the work environment and the growing scope of work, the first challenge for our team was to prioritize the assignments and adequately distribute work load among team members.
  • Project Owner and Communication: Meet with project owner personally and regularly to ensure we meet all the requests, adjust goal and set timelines. Testing: Due to constantly changing project goals and priorities we rely on the users to test features and give feedback. Making sure the adequate user resource is assigned for UAT was a major challenge. We also launched an automated testing initiative to ensure code quality among all members on the team.


The App has been integrated with around 7 other functional apps and has over 300 daily users. The integration with instruments like robotic arms and automated freezer storage has greatly reduced manual work time for the users. Thanks to our data model and integrated statistic calculations, managers can easily track order status and download or view historical data. The data science team do utilize our data to predict future mRNA pipeline timelines.