Case Study

Providing Laboratory Informatics System Services in a Benchling Environment

The client needed several Laboratory Informatics system services in Benchling and was not able to establish them with their internal team.


Arrayo provided Laboratory Informatics system services for the client. The engagement began with in-depth requirements gathering from our informatics business analysts. The goal was to make it easier to standardize ELN entries and track construct assay results. We also provided Benchling configuration, where Arrayo designed, built, and updated notebook templates, entity schemas, result schemas, and insights dashboards with the end goal of standardizing data entry that included assay results. We were also able to implement QC procedures to notify users of data integrity issues through their preferred communication channel. Arrayo automated, where feasible, the ingestion of assay results from both internal and external sources. Where automation was not feasible, manual upload was simplified as much as possible. At the end of the project, we were also able to train end users on the new and updated integrations, as well as standardize Benchling usage. It is worth noting that an iterative, step-by-step approach was used for all configurations and integrations.


Besides delivering laboratory informatics system services for the client, Arrayo was able to provide additional support services. We helped the support team and lab team become familiar with the Benchling environment. Arrayo also provided on-going Benchling support: trouble shooting, walk-through, and end-user tech support. We monitored the client’s internal communications for questions and issues reported by company employees regarding the Benchling environment. This allowed for the system to be easily integrated into the client’s data environment and for its users to have a seamless transition from their previous laboratory informatics systems.

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