Case Study

Monetization of Patient-Provided Data

The client developed a patient-facing platform that created a space for patients to discuss their conditions with others going through similar experiences. The goal was to utilize this platform to form a collective picture of patient health and gather Real World Data (RWD). Their platform collected patient-reported data, medical records, medications, clinical care information, comorbid diseases, laboratory data, and NGS data.


We designed their knowledge management platform specifically to use for ontologies, mapping, and NLP projects. It needed to incorporate automatic workflows, release cycles, and user management. Mapping was geared towards immunologic and blood-based metabolites. To perform NLP, a metadata and annotation structure was also implemented. Through NLP, we were able to take the phonotypic data and overlay it with existing genetic information to evaluate trends and compare it with open information sources. The data was collected to be implemented under FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable) data principles. We advised and provided further Knowledge Engineering services:

Specify Minimal Attributes Set for Entities (MASE): ID syntax and functionality.

Specify strategy and architecture for fundamentals such as: ID Management System, Ontology Management System, and Knowledge Management System.

Quality Control, generate and edit ontologies.

Considering content, domain coverage, and appropriateness s OMS backbone.

We addressed change management with Presentations and Courses such as Spotfire template training to understand visualization interface. Subsequently, we redesigned and standardized the Bioloader functionality and the worked on the Chemical compound descriptors standardization and normalization.


Arrayo’s integrated data model allowed our client to connect people with similar health conditions.. We helped our client monetize their data and increase corporate valuation. We created Spotfire templates and views to support business development and partnership efforts. We designed an educational framework to promote adoption of the overall data strategy between our client and a complex partnership, and successfully delivered a change management function across a complex 4 company merger.