Case Study

Leveraging AI for Migrating Dashboards from Tableau to Power BI

Arrayo was engaged by a leading international bank to utilize AI in supporting the migration of dashboards from Tableau to Power BI.


In the banking sector, dashboards are essential for visualizing data to make informed decisions. Our client, a leading global bank, decided to migrate from Tableau to Power BI for its advanced features, better integration, and cost-effectiveness. This project posed challenges due to the vast number of dashboards and manual effort required. Key challenges included:

  • Manual Effort: Migrating dashboards manually was labor-intensive and time-consuming, involving data connections, data preparation, and design replication.
  • Data Transformation: Different scripting languages and processes in Tableau and Power BI made manual translation complex and error
  • Design Consistency: Maintaining design consistency between Tableau and Power BI dashboards required clear guidelines.


To address these challenges, we used AI to streamline the migration:

  • Data Setup and Transformation:
    • Extracted data and transformations from Tableau workbooks.
    • Used a generative AI model to translate Tableau scripts into Power BI scripts, generating SQL, Power Query M, and DAX functions to reduce manual effort and ensure accuracy.
  • Design Assistance:
    • Provided AI with details from Tableau dashboards to formalize design guidelines.
    • AI generated steps to recreate dashboards in Power BI, maintaining consistency and saving time.
  • Implementation:
    • Automated creation of data connections, data preparation steps, and calculated fields in Power BI.
    •  Designed Power BI dashboards efficiently, ensuring all KPIs matched and were consistent across both platforms.


Implementing AI in the migration process delivered significant value:

  • Reduced Manual Effort: Automation drastically reduced manual work, saving time and minimizing errors.
  • Increased Accuracy: AI-generated scripts ensured accurate translation of data connections and calculations, maintaining data integrity and functionality.
  • Enhanced Efficiency:
    • Time Savings: The use of AI significantly reduced the time required for the migration process. What would have taken weeks of manual effort was accomplished in a fraction of the time.
    • Resource Optimization: By reducing the manual workload, our team could focus on higher-value tasks such as fine-tuning the dashboards and addressing specific client requirements. This optimization of resources improved overall project efficiency.
    • Leveraging AI to migrate dashboards from Tableau to Power BI was a game-changer. It not only reduced the manual effort and increased accuracy but also enhanced the efficiency and scalability of the migration process.

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