Case Study

Data Modernization Program

A large international financial institution was facing significant challenges with their existing data infrastructure, limiting their ability to harness the full potential of their data assets. They were burdened with a legacy on-premises data warehouse that struggled to keep up with the ever-increasing data volume and complexity. Additionally, their traditional Business Intelligence (BI) tools lacked scalability and real-time insights, hampering data-driven decision-making processes. The organization also grappled with data quality issues, resulting in inconsistencies and inefficiencies across various business processes. To stay competitive and future-proof their operations, the institution recognized the pressing need for a comprehensive data modernization program.


Engaging with the financial institution, Arrayo took on the challenge of spearheading a complex data modernization program. The project encompassed several critical components:

  • Modernization of BI Tools: Our team assessed the existing BI landscape and recommended cutting-edge BI tools suitable for the Azure environment. This overhaul enabled the institution’s stakeholders to access actionable insight in real-time from diverse data sources, fostering data-driven decision-making at all levels.
  • Implementation of Machine Learning for Data Quality Management: To address data quality issues, we designed and deployed a robust machine learning model. Our AI-driven solution continuously monitored and enhanced data quality, resulting in a significant reduction in errors and discrepancies in the data ecosystem.
  • Agile Transformation: Recognizing the importance of agility in modern data initiatives, we facilitated the organization’s transformation into an “Agile” setup. Our experts provided coaching and training, empowering teams to work collaboratively, iterate quickly, and adapt to evolving business requirements.
  • Data Governance and Strategy: Our consultants worked closely with the institution to establish a robust data governance framework, ensuring data security, compliance, and accountability. We also formulated an AI/ML strategy to optimize their data-driven capabilities.


Through our comprehensive data modernization program, the international financial institution achieved remarkable outcomes:

  • Enhanced Data Performance: Migrating to Azure Cloud unlocked unparalleled scalability and performance, enabling the institution to efficiently process vast amounts of data.
  • Real-time Insights: Modern BI provided stakeholders with real-time, interactive dashboards and reports, empowering them to make swift data-driven decisions.
  • Improved Data Quality: The implementation of the machine learning model for data quality management reduced data errors significantly, leading to increased trust in the data and streamlined business processes.
  • Agility and Collaboration: The Agile transformation cultivated a culture of collaboration and responsiveness, accelerating project delivery and fostering innovation.
  • Strategic Data Governance: With a robust data governance framework and a well-defined AI/ML strategy, the institution ensured data security, compliance, and optimal utilization of data assets.

In conclusion, Arrayo played a pivotal role in helping the financial institution embark on a successful data modernization journey. By leveraging our expertise in project management, Agile transformation, Cloud data engineering, AI/ML strategy, and data governance, we delivered a sustainable and cutting-edge data ecosystem that positioned the institution for continued growth and success in a rapidly evolving financial landscape.