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Headquartered in New York and Boston, Arrayo collaborates with Financial Services and Life Sciences organizations to aid them in successfully utilizing and managing their data.

We offer a blend of digital and data services to assist you most effectively in achieving your mission. Our data experts deliver cutting-edge automated and customized processes that solve industry-specific challenges for your team.

Arrayo in numbers

Throughout the past decade, Arrayo’s team of experts has played a pivotal role in establishing our clients as global leaders across the Financial Services and Life Sciences industries.

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Arrayo is a go-to resource for data solutions for Fintech and Bio tech start-ups, and established financial services and biopharmaceutical companies looking to leverage their data.

Financial Services

Financial Services

Arrayo's industry-savvy team has been leading the way in automating processes, developing end-to-end data management, dashboards, and AI solutions to mitigate risk and enhance business efficiency. We offer a blend of execution and advisory services to help you get your most complex projects delivered.
Life Sciences and Healthcare

Life Sciences and Healthcare

We assist biopharma companies by enabling accelerated biomedical discovery, efficient drug development, and streamlined market access. By offering a blend of digital and computational services, we provide end-to-end support, ranging from scientific software engineering to advanced analytics, and so much more!

We Are

Arrayo’s team is composed of local and global industry-focused trailblazers who offer the best-in-class solutions for data-intensive businesses. We are committed to staying at the forefront of industry advancements, consistently educating ourselves on the latest tools and technologies to better support your needs.

Enterprise Data Management Consultants

Help our clients effectively manage and utilize their data, covering the entire data lifecycle from governance to visualization.

Regulatory Reporting Business Analysts

Improve our client’s regulatory processes by conducting data analysis, performing reconciliations, and validating data.

Data Analytics Platform Leads

Work to develop, implement, and manage the architecture of data analytics platforms for our clients.

Clinical Business Analysts

Analyze and interpret data in both clinical and business domains to extract meaningful insights and drive informed decision-making.

Our Offices


225 Franklin Street
Floor 26
Boston, MA 02110

New York City

1411 Broadway
Floor 16
New York, NY 10018

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