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Data & Information Governance

A solid Data & Information Governance foundation: The Prerequisite to Business Success

Arrayo’s Data & Information Governance team supports financial institutions in the development of their Information Governance (IG) strategy and Enterprise Data Management (EDM) framework including the requisite policies, procedures, guidelines, and standards. Arrayo excels at changing the DNA of a firm through the establishment and adoption of the integrated IG and EDM organization to drive culture change across the organization. We implement data governance & data quality programs, build compliant records management capabilities, and address data quality issues to meet regulatory and business needs.

Your challenges, our expertise.

Information Governance

The overall strategy for information. IG balances the risk that information presents with the value that information provides.

Data Governance

The guiding principles and human capital that support an organization’s Enterprise Data Management strategy.

Data Quality

The activities related to the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of the data.

Data Management

The specifications of how data is actually managed to be in compliance with data governance policies and standards.

Data Architecture

The process of standardizing how organizations collect, store, transform, distribute, and use data.

Data protection

The rules & safeguards that apply under various laws and regulations for personal data that organizations collect, store, use, and are allowed to release.

Records Management

Managing the evidence of an organization's activities as well as the reduction or mitigation of risk associated with it.

An Example of Projects Delivered Include:

Data catalog to enable efficient data discovery and usage: creating a searchable repository that provides a unified view of metadata, data sources, and associated semantics.

Defining AI-powered data quality models: develop a set of solutions to assess and monitor data quality.

Defining ML framework for Data Office duties: implementing a robust machine learning strategy to optimize various functions within a data office (data quality, lineage, and reconciliation). Establish end-to-end Information Governance (IG) capabilities in compliance with records management regulatory requirements, data retention, and disposal policies and processes.


Our List Of Services

AI Strategy

At Arrayo, we understand that many organizations struggle to harness the power of machine learning (ML) due to the challenge of identifying viable business cases. Our AI Strategy service offering is designed to solve this by providing a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to leverage ML for sustainable growth.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

We assist our clients in leveraging data and technology to personalize the best strategy for their business. Our services span across three key areas: analytics, business intelligence, and data governance.

Business & Consulting

Arrayo’s team of seasoned project consultants and SMEs bring extensive industry experience and a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in managing projects, in particular in the data, risk, finance, and compliance domains.

Data-Driven Risk and Compliance

Arrayo specializes in delivering data-driven regulatory, risk and compliance services, leveraging automation, advanced analytics, and quantitative analysis to support financial institutions in navigating the complex regulatory landscape.