Case Study

GxP Document Visualization Tool

The GxP workers of our client invested significant time trying to find all documents related to their relevant process/topic and figuring out how each document fits within the broader procedural ecosystem. With the recent move to a single document management system (DMS), our client requested a user-friendly solution that offers a simple and visual method for the workers to search, browse, and access GxP and/or controlled documents, as well as other materials within the controlled DMS.


Arrayo successfully developed a production-level document search tool. This user-friendly web application provided our client’s employees with graph-based navigation to access thousands searchable GxP and controlled documents in PDF format within their DMS. Utilizing a blend of open source and custom code, the application efficiently handled document extraction, indexing, and metadata processing from Veeva DMS. The tool incorporated an algorithm provided by the client, creating a semantic database to establish document relationships, and enabling text queries to retrieve related documents and their connections. The Agile approach allowed for scope adjustments and direction changes during the project. The application, hosted on the client’s AWS Cloud in multiple availability zones, ensured optimal performance for their global user base. Arrayo balanced computing costs and application performance to create a successful and user-friendly document search tool.


Our client’s GxP team was easily able to search for pertinent SOP documents related to their search along with similar documents. This cut down on the tedious and inconsistent search processes which we in place prior to the tool.