Case Study

Data Governance Initiative with Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud

We embarked on a firmwide data governance initiative emphasizing tier 1 data elements, completeness, quality, and traceability. We were asked to leverage Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) to create an end-to-end data management solution. With our Life sciences domain expertise combined with Informatica’s best-in-class AI-powered data management connections we have helped our client connect, manage, and unify their data across.

Our team navigated intricate challenges:

  1. Converting business goals into a data solution.
  2. With Informatica ETL we aimed to deduplicate, standardize, connect and synchronize business critical master data across multiple sources to gain meaningful insights.
  3. We were tasked to oversee SDLC.
  4. Ensuring data fidelity and meeting GDPR requirements and ensuring data completeness, quality, and lineage.


We utilized IDMC for efficient mappings and automation. We leveraged pre-built role-based workflows, data models and machine learning to reduce customization of enterprise data management projects.

We provided expert ETL mapping and workflow design.

We simplified the implementation of master data management (MDM) to help our client’s users and data stewards both benefit from intuitive user interfaces and reduced manual efforts, enabled by automation, AI, and machine learning.

We onboarded 120 source systems as part of a data governance/data quality mandate.


Through expertise, bespoke Informatica solutions, and effective collaboration, we addressed Arrayo’s client’s data integration challenges. Client ended up with an efficient solution tailored to their unique needs, and the data governance initiative achieved GDPR compliance while enhancing data completeness, quality, and lineage. This case study showcases our data integration excellence with Informatica, in the realm of data governance.

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