Case Study

Self-Service Analytics

At Arrayo, we took on a significant initiative for a major European bank, led by the Head of Data Management and CTO. Our task was to establish an Analytics Governance Model, facilitating the implementation of a self-service model for their Analytics “Sandbox.” The Sandbox aimed to provide data-related services, streamlining data management tasks for analysts and scientists and allowing them to focus on high-priority data analytics.


Our client, a major European bank, sought to enhance their data management processes and analytics capabilities. They envisioned a self-service Analytics Sandbox to empower their analysts and scientists with more efficient data management and analysis tools.

Prior to partnering with Arrayo, the bank faced several challenges. They lacked an Analytics Governance Model to streamline their data management and faced obstacles when attempting to adopt a self-service model for their Analytics Sandbox. Additionally, they sought guidance in developing a robust data strategy and fostering adoption across various business lines.


Arrayo’s delivery team tackled the project with a comprehensive approach, offering effective solutions to address the bank’s challenges. Our approach comprised the following key initiatives:

  1. Analytics Process Improvement and Governance: We defined a Target Operating Model, instituted appropriate support models with service levels (SLAs), and created monitoring tools to assess the success of the Analytics Sandbox. Best practices were developed for model reuse, enhancing overall efficiency and effectiveness.
  2. Data Strategy Review and Analysis: We conducted a detailed analysis of the bank’s existing and future data strategy for the Sandbox. Based on our findings, we offered strategic recommendations to optimize data management processes and enable seamless future expansion.
  3. Adoption and Training Program: We designed and executed a comprehensive training plan to increase utilization and adoption of the Sandbox. The program included communication and training on the Sandbox as a service model, supporting business lines in setting up and adopting the Sandbox.


Arrayo’s delivery team played a pivotal role in achieving remarkable outcomes for the European bank’s Analytics Sandbox initiative.

  • Self-Service Model Deployment: With Arrayo’s support, the bank successfully deployed a self-service model for their Analytics Sandbox. This achievement empowered their data analysts and scientists with efficient data management tools and streamlined workflows.
  • Analytics Governance Operating Model: Arrayo helped establish an effective Analytics Governance Operating Model, optimizing data management processes and ensuring adherence to best practices. The introduction of service levels and monitoring tools enabled better control and governance of the Analytics Sandbox.
  • Enhanced Data Strategy and Tools: Arrayo’s review and analysis of the bank’s data strategy resulted in a redesigned approach, aligning data management with business goals. Additionally, we assisted in developing and deploying data management tools, including a comprehensive data catalog.
  • Training and Adoption Success: Our training and adoption program proved highly successful across multiple business lines. The increased utilization of the Sandbox allowed business lines to leverage advanced Analytics capabilities more efficiently, leading to improved decision-making processes.

Throughout the project, Arrayo gained valuable insights into Analytics Governance and data strategy. We discovered effective approaches for enabling self-service models and fostering adoption across large organizations. The lessons learned from this engagement will guide us in delivering even more impactful solutions for future Analytics and data management initiatives.

At Arrayo, our collaboration with the European bank to establish a self-service Analytics Sandbox and an efficient Analytics Governance Model exemplifies our commitment to enhancing data management and analytics capabilities. Through our comprehensive approach and dedication, we have enabled the bank to achieve greater efficiency, better decision-making, and improved overall business performance.