Case Study

R&D Data Governance & Management Transformation

Our client’s research and development data were managed within each department and/or group which resulted in replication of efforts to collect, manage, and store data.  Many data workflows were manual and paper-based, and robust data systems either did not exist or were not fully developed in most cases. The goal of the project was to fully understand how data are generated, moved, stored, and used within the organization.


Arrayo used an agile approach in developing recommendations for a future state of the client’s data management system. We started with interviewing various members of their research and development teams to get a grass roots understanding of the data workflows. After gaining an understanding of how data moved throughout the company, we dove into a GAP analysis. We developed a future state roadmap for the various teams regarding their systems and workflows. After taking time to work with stakeholders and agree on future state metrics, we began the process of updating their digital environment. We had a team working alongside their end users to ensure sufficient change management practices and to promote user adoption. We updated related data governance SOPs and made sure proper checks were in place.


Arrayo was able to update our client’s antiquated mode for data handling and governance objectives. The result was a more seamless environment that was conducive to FAIR data principles and stronger guidelines for regulations.

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