Case Study

Bioinformatics Services

Arrayo was asked to work on a pilot study to identify biomarkers and their functions affected by treatment as well as to identify predictor biomarkers associated to treatment outcome.


To do this, we have established bioinformatics models to analyze genes that are differentially expressed as well as their functional association by performing pathway analysis. Additionally, we have implemented a fully streamlined and automated differential expression pipeline that can scale for high throughput. The pipeline can run as a library set of scripts in a local environment or cloud such as AWS using a docker container.


As a next step, Arrayo will be establishing pipelines to collect external public data and bring it to centralized repository, enabling the bioinformatics team to access data from outside. Also, to provide the ability to look at Single-cell sequencing datasets, Single-Cell Atlas, and the ability to collect public domain data into the client’s database.