Cloud Adoption

Maximize business performance by accelerating cloud adoption.

Cloud computing provide companies of all sizes and from all industries with the opportunity to develop self-service requesting, provisioning, and deployment of virtual infrastructure across an expansive list of global infrastructure providers. Whether they use public, private or hybrid cloud, the users can build, deploy and manage their own virtual infrastructure and cloud solutions rapidly. High-performance computing (HPC) environments that require the collection, storage, and transmission of large-scale datasets are at the core of what we do.
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To maximize business performance, corporations have to maximize application performance, to expedite time to market with new products and services, improve quality, while keeping costs down. Corporations are looking to cloud computing to improve competitiveness, recognising the benefits of improved business agility, simplified business processes and reduced time to market.

The flexibility afforded by cloud computing gives corporations the ability to design new systems that deliver compliant services to internal and external users.

Arrayo helps FinTech, HealthTech and HighTech companies deliver agile, cost-effective, fully secure cloud infrastructure, whether you decide to go for public, private or hybrid cloud. We support collaborative teams that need to quickly and efficiently exchange and process vast amounts of data. i.e. Next-generation genomic sequencing or Capital Adequacy – create Terabytes of data. At Arrayo, we build solutions to supporting the movement of these huge data sets.

Our hands-on and technology agnostic cloud computing services range from gap analysis, architectural design, deployment and tuning of high performance compute solutions. We help you set up your long-term cloud strategy, as well as implement immediate action plans.

Even with an experienced IT team, integrating the systems and applications you need to automate provisioning and orchestration remains a challenge.

Arrayo is there to help you prepare, plan, build, migrate and manage your cloud environment.

Our capabilities include:

Cloud strategy

Building cloud infrastructure

Modernizing and managing existing on-premise infrastructure

Software as a Service: implementation of SaaS solutions, optimization based on business needs

Cloud applications and platforms: build and integrate applications on PaaS technologies

Cloud security: processes and technology

By leveraging our experience, your applications will gain in scalability, performance, availability, business continuity, compliance and security, testability, manufacturability and last but not least, affordability and increased time-to-market.

Our experienced team of technologists work hand in hand with your team to achieve unparalleled short and long term success.