Agility Combined with Analytics Improve Effectiveness and Efficiency.

In order to address our client’s industry specific complexity and increase their organization’s performance Arrayo simultaneously helps harness data and promotes change to an agile mindset.

We apply cutting edge data science techniques to identify trends, patterns and insights.

We lead the creation of structured data processing fit for the industry specific use case being addressed. We encourage the design of user-centric products and services that are decoupled from the data itself. This allows for unprecedented efficiency improvements and better overall user experiences when emboldened by flexible project delivery organization.

We are domain specialists who create solutions that help FinTech, HealthTech and HighTech companies harness their data and shift towards an agile mindset.
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Arrayo bridges the gap between mathematics, statistics, information science, and computer science to better the understanding of data assets.

  • Arrayo’s data scientist’s capabilities encompass domains such as deep learning, classification, cluster analysis, data mining, databases, and artificial intelligence. We develop real-time views of data to generate cost-savings opportunities, improve efficiency and optimize operations.
  • We support our clients in transforming raw data into meaningful and insightful information and allow for rapid interpretation of large volumes of data. We support our clients in analyzing datasets, merging them and ensuring consistency in the handling of multi-dimensional data sources.
  • Extracting information from vast multidimensional datasets represents the next frontier of innovation. We provide data simulation, predictive analytics, perform statistical analysis, visualize, and mine large amounts of data.

Team Arrayo’s expertise takes data intensive and digital program management organizations to the next level.

Turn program management organizations into a strategic asset.

Most program management environments only inform tactical decision making and deliver monolithic views of that programs’ environments. However, most programs do not work in a vacuum and affect the entire organization's strategic objectives.

Arrayo helps consolidate and organize data across programs, developing true cross-program analytics that turn program management into an organization wide strategic asset.

Our data-centric approach changes the way teams and senior management work together. Data driven agile program management allows senior managers to ask; “When will I see the value? How can we turn that value into revenue?” instead of “When will this project be done and how much more will it cost?”