Information Security

Get your cybersecurity risk under control.

Corporations are confronting intensified and increasingly sophisticated and widespread cybercrime.
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The increasing importance of Governance, Compliance and Information Security functions within each organization requires an enhanced understanding of security threats like: cybercrime, privacy regulations, threats from 3rd party providers and Bring-your-own trend (BYO). Information confidentiality, integrity and availability is at stake.

To efficiently contain those threats corporations must understand them. Getting better prepared to handle the corollary risks is now more critical than ever. We support our clients in building the teams and providing the expertise that will enable them to securely manage critical business information.

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We support our clients in building the teams and providing the expertise that will enable them to securely manage critical business information.

At Arrayo, we engage with corporations in assessing their Information Security risks and in setting up the right Information Security Roadmap and Governance model. We also support our clients in implementing the technologies that will enable organizations to meet their risk management objectives and the requirements of regulatory authorities.

Our portfolio of services extends to:

Information Security roadmap definition and ISMS setup (ISO 2700x)

Cyber Security strategy definition

Information-driven risk assessment approach

Web, Mobile and Cloud applications risk assessment → BYO strategy risk assessment

Evaluation, setup and coordination of the implementation of Security controls

Development and delivery of security information dashboards

Business continuity: definition, implementation support, test and updates to disaster recovery and business continuity plans (ISO 22301)

Security awareness campaigns

Setting up the right Information Security strategy and correctly assessing the risks related to increasing threats, enable corporations to consider IT Risk and Compliance aspects in each Business or IT decision. Therefore, they are able to use their security management as an added value and simultaneously ensure compliance with existing and new regulations, including those related to the collection, storage and use of personal information.

By defining a cybersecurity strategy and implementing the required policies and technologies, corporations are prepared for the unpredictable so they have the resilience to withstand unforeseen, high impact events.

There is a growing trend for employees to bring mobile devices in the workplace to access cloud-based applications and data. Therefore, BYO strategy risks must be assessed and corporations must at least make sure to stay abreast of developments and that a well-structured BYO program is established.

In this renewed IT landscape, a range of valuable and sensitive information is often shared with suppliers, and when that information is shared, direct control is lost. This leads to an increased risk of its confidentiality, integrity or availability being compromised. Therefore, to combat the threats of 3rd party suppliers, it is imperative to couple an information-driven, in other words not supplier-centric, risk assessment approach, scalable and repeatable across the enterprise, together with a robust business continuity plan.