Risk and Regulation Management in Financial Services.

Control your risks, make regulation work for you!

Steering through an increasingly complex regulatory environment demands expertise. The amount of regulatory challenges ahead of the financial services companies is further increasing.
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We believe that meeting the goals of intensified regulatory scrutiny and the need for accurate reporting on risk exposure can only be met with automation and standardization of regulatory processes. On top of the needed regulatory compliance capabilities, we, at Arrayo, uniquely combine industry knowledge, Data Management and Governance, Analytics and IT expertise. This allow for high positive impact assignments on business performance.

Arrayo leverages years of experience in regulatory-driven transformation projects encompassing financial crime, capital and liquidity requirements, stress testing and credit and market risks.

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At Arrayo we uniquely combine industry knowledge, Data Management and Governance, Analytics and IT expertise.

Before the financial crisis, the focus of banking regulators was primarily on capital. Soon after, a set of new requirements were introduced. We support financial firms building these new frameworks, reporting and stress testing capabilities through investments in data and technology infrastructure.

First of all, we provide organizations with the expertise needed to set up and strengthen the data management and data governance capabilities that will support compliant risk modelling and reporting activities. Arrayo excels in designing solutions that connect the dots between data points and business outcomes across channels, programs, and time.

Data quality is essential for complying with regulations. Arrayo has developed the following capabilities to support these regulations and enable our clients to trust their data: Data lineage; data dictionary and glossary; Data Stewardship; Reference data management; Data quality rules; Data profiling; Data mapping and Data Sourcing.

We also lead the implementation of new reporting and processes that meet the requirements of regulatory authorities and we manage the integration of risk management models and regulatory concepts into the analytical applications and reporting tools.

We support financial firms in their model validation and governance processes. This has become a standard in the AML compliance space a few years ago and new regulations have significantly raised the bar for model validation in other areas. We support financial firms in using Analytics to validate a variety of models: Regulatory and Economic Capital, LGD, EAD, VaR, Expected Shortfall (ES), NSFR, LCR etc.

In order to improve risk agility and flexibility, financial firms seeking high performance use dashboards and data visualization tools to understand data coming from a wide array of different sources. Arrayo’s risk analytics experts support financial services companies in leveraging data analytics to make sure that you expand on the good data, that you can trust your data and extract value from them.

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No such transformation can happen overnight and our SMEs, Business/Data Analysts and Technologists are used to work alongside the priorities of the chief risk and compliance offices. We leverage years of experience in data engineering, business requirements definition and subject matter expertise for risk and regulatory projects.