Mitigate Risk, Make Regulation Work for You!

Thanks to a combination of industry-specific expertise and technological savvy, our experts help regulated, data-intensive organizations meet their risk and regulatory objectives.

Now more than ever, regulated organizations are concerned about risk and compliance management. Recent years have seen local and international regulatory authorities issuing an increasing number of regulations regarding risk reporting, data aggregation principles, client onboarding processes, initial filings, lifecycle management, system and model validation, etc.

Arrayo experts work alongside our clients’ teams to bridge the gap between risk management goals and regulatory requirements, but also operations. They do this by delivering adapted processes, data-driven systems and reporting tools, and building data governance and data management capabilities.

We are domain specialists who create solutions that support FinTech, HealthTech and HighTech companies to reduce risk in complex regulatory environments.

Control, Monitor and Manage Your Risks

Risk mitigation should grow parallel to opportunity creation.

At Arrayo, we support our clients in establishing structured approaches to understand risk and reduce uncertainty. We provide expertise in Enterprise Risk Management, Operational Risk and Financial Risk to help organizations make better decisions, manage risks, and increase profits.

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Enterprise Risk Management

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Operational Risk

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Financial Risk

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Manage regulatory changes

We provide strategic solutions to deal with regulatory changes.

  •      Regulatory change is rapidly spreading around the world. Its scope is expanding too. Most organizations have adopted short-term measures to deal with new requirements. We improve the models and systems that were established to deal with urgent problems and address the long-term challenges brought on by regulatory change.

Risk and Compliance Analytics

We build automated solutions to deliver actionable information.

Regulated companies need innovative technology solutions to extract value from the huge amount of data they create and manage. At Arrayo, we support our clients in building automated solutions to monitor and prioritize threats, as well as deliver intelligible and actionable information. Our risk analytics experts help build analytical solutions that improve decision-making and risk monitoring, fostering better overall performance.