HighTech: The Revolution

The new paradigm: Technology defines corporations’ strategy

Because the Technology Industry and corporate divisions develop or use the most advanced technology known, it is often seen as having the most potential for future growth. This leads to high investments in cutting edge technologies. We support the required ramp-up.

On the path to getting as effectively as possible to a product-market fit we work with our clients on user-centered design, rapid prototyping, and quick, successive iterations. We offer services that cater to a company’s organizational structure, governance model, and core processes for companies of all sizes and at all stages. Our innovation framework combines principles of design-thinking and lean startup methodologies that we apply alongside team members who bring their background knowledge and domain expertise to the table.

Our consultants work hand in hand with your team to provide best practices and to develop a customized innovation platform where both product development and business development operate together. As thought-leaders in the field they are also able to evangelize any such new approach within the company.

  • Information Security

    Get your cybersecurity risk under control.

    We work together with scalable enterprise search engines, machine learning optimization solutions, enhanced connectivity solutions, data visualization tools, security experts, mobile development teams and with the latest web development techniques. The Arrayo approach starts with strategy and extends through our commitment to user engagement. Our team includes a new breed of individuals that are well suited to deal with complex environments and decrease the time to release.

  • Machine Learning & AI

    Enable Your Data and Machine Learning Scientists.

    We help your scientists be as productive as possible and focused on the work that drives your business. We speed up experimentation and deployment of your most crucial models.

  • Cloud Adoption

    Maximize business performance by accelerating cloud adoption.

    Foster cloud adoption to maximize application performance, expedite time to market with new products and services, improve quality, while keeping costs down.

  • Build Data Commons.

    Access your data to extract valuable information.

    We deliver a data persistence layer that make it possible to create data-lakes and further extend the democratization of data within companies.

Our team members have experience working with the following technologies: