HealthTech: The Digital Revolution Under Way

Arrayo builds state-of-the-art digital research engines and clinical systems powered by analytics to advance a broad range of scientific capabilities. We produce Proofs of Concept, deliver greenfield projects, and enhance existing solutions. At Arrayo, we excel at managing digital innovation from early discovery through clinical stages.

We empower organizations to digitize their business, accelerate their R & D, expedite time to market, and reduce the high costs associated with drug development and healthcare. Embracing digital technologies is one of the foremost opportunities to improve patient care, decrease drug/diagnostic development time, and win the market share in an increasingly data-driven industry.

We are an innovative and rapidly growing team, a mix of scientists, clinicians, software developers, informaticians, engineers, and data scientists. Our team members support a wide range of scientists and clinicians across health care and the life sciences. From data analytics to data strategy, Arrayo allows our clients to harness technology in managing the increasing complexity of healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. At Arrayo, we combine cutting-edge digital innovation with scientific expertise to deliver value-generating, cost-reducing results.

Healthcare, medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies turn to us to crack their most complex digital challenges. We are called upon to advise our clients and provide data-driven services and digital solutions, and would love to assist your organization in its current and future initiatives.

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    RTech - Achieve Compliance, Mitigate Risk

    Lightweight, use case specific regulatory and compliance services

    Control, monitor and manage your non-compliance risks with Arrayo. We provide solutions to deal with compliance management, CSV, QMS and documentation requirements to meet healthcare, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and medical device regulations. We build common frameworks and protocols applying deep industry knowledge to manage all compliance requirements.

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    AgileData - Multi-Dimensional Data Analytics

    Effectively & Efficiently Discover Trends, Patterns and Insights

    High Dimensional Data Platforms, Production-ready Pipelining & Scientific Data Analytics, and Self-Guided Analytics Pipeline.

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    Connect - Providing Transformative Solutions in Healthcare and Life Sciences

    Connecting and creating ecosystems of data intensive tools to deliver personalized medicine and digital adoption in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and biotech.

    We utilize a variety of technologies to connect the various stake holders involved in bringing drugs, diagnostics, medical devices, and other treatments to market. The future of healthcare and science will require a new level of data centric interoperability, interconnectivity, and collaboration too deliver innovative solutions in medicine and health care.

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    DataBridge - FAIRifying Data

    Data Management, Data Consolidation, and Data Unification

    We design data and metadata management solutions and strategies to democratize data and unlock meaning in your data, accelerating scientific research. Data strategy, management, consolidation, and unification greatly effect downstream analytics. Arrayo excels at providing robust technology services and solutions as well as strategy in this area.

We are Technologists and Scientists

Scientific background is paramount to be on our team

Team Arrayo is comprised of biochemists, biologists, geneticist, computational scientists, statisticians, informaticians, and engineers specializing in a wide range of skills from software development, data science, automation, and mobile/full stack web development. We are "Web Scientists" leveraging this diverse background to help HealthTech companies extract meaning from their data.

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Our team members have experience working with the following companies:

Digital Disruption in HealthTech

Accelerate Scientific Discovery with increased digital adoption

We empower digital disruption in Health/BioTech. We support the shift to more personalized and outcome-based medicine, which requires a deep understanding of emerging digital technologies, data management strategies, next-generation science, and a vast array of data sources.

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Our team members have been trained on developing Microservices here:

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