FinTech: The Digital Revolution Under Way

The new reality in financial services is centered around modernizing and digitizing your business.

We help define the future of financial services. Every established financial institution must have a strategy to exploit the advantages of the FinTech revolution and to mitigate risk. Together with regulatory change, the adoption of disruptive technologies is the biggest challenge facing the industry.

At Arrayo, we uniquely combine cutting-edge digital innovation expertise with business and regulatory know-how to help improve operational efficiency, regulatory compliance and customer engagement.

Banking, buy-side and sell-side corporations and insurance companies all turn to us to help crack their most complex technology and regulatory challenges.

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    Risk and Regulation Management in Financial Services.

    Manage your risks, make regulation work for you!

    We help you get ahead of an increasingly complex regulatory environment. Arrayo specializes in bringing together industry knowledge, Data Management best practices, Data Science / Analytics and IT expertise to empower financial institutions through strategic transformations.

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    Financial Quantitative Analytics.

    Leverage Big Data Analytics to develop competitive advantages and increase efficiency and effectiveness.

    We help financial institutions improve accuracy and predictability across lines of business. Arrayo provides industry-specific and data science expertise that enables the development of competitive advantages and delivers complex and mission critical projects.

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    Digital Transformation in Financial Services.

    Capture the value of an increasingly connected world.

    We help financial institutions build leading digital offerings and execute their digital strategy to improve the user experience by providing integrated enterprise, real-time, cloud, and mobile-computing services and solutions.

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    Building Data Bridges.

    Build your data foundations. Unleash the power of your data.

    We build foundational data capabilities and deploy data visualization tools to help you move your business initiatives forward. We help financial institutions manage, govern, and harness their data to support digital and regulatory challenges.

We are Financial Technologists

Financial Background is a prerequisite

Our team includes business professionals, risk managers, regulatory experts, technologists, and financial modeling engineers; all specialized in data management, data engineering and strategic architecture/infrastructure design. Our teams guide financial institutions on the path to meet risk and regulatory objectives and to become data-driven organizations.

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Our team members have experience working with the following companies:

Digital Disruption in FinTech

Accelerate FinTech Technology Disruption with increased digital adoption

We reinforce digital disruption in FinTech : We support the shift to deliver more consumer-focused services across the organization, both inside and outside. A digital shift is part of the journey to the modern enterprise. It helps streamline the interactions between service providers and service consumers. Arrayo believes that everything is a service, from HR and help-desk solutions to the actual products and services that your customers demand.

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Our team members are business/domain experts with experience in cutting-edge technologies: