Data Management, Data Consolidation, and Data Unification

We design data management solutions and strategies to both democratize data and unlock data insights, accelerating scientific research.

Data management and metadata management

At Team Arrayo we define and document data organization to enable better data lineage, allowing scientists to appropriately answer to sponsors, work collaboratively across partnerships, and tear down the silos inhibiting the progress of many pharmaceutical companies. We accelerate scientific research by enabling data consolidation, management and unification.
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Complexity is Everywhere

Understanding and creating a proactive data strategy is critical to the success of Life Science and Healthcare companies. Our clients require robust approaches and innovative tools that allow anyone authorized to find the well-characterized data they need. Extracting information from extensive data sources and using it to predict trends and patterns requires the implementation of successful data initiatives.

DataBridge represents our Data Governance and Data Management services. Data and knowledge tend to be very siloed within Biopharmaceutical organizations. We utilize technical solutions such as virtualization layers and semantic web technologies to integrate, standardize, and harmonize data across silos. Our team’s scientific background enables us to navigate scientific vocabularies, enrich data with appropriate metadata, and deliver unique data interoperability solutions based on our client’s needs. Our services aim to FAIR-ify your data, enabling you to fully utilize and extract knowledge from internal and external data sources.

Historically, pharma companies have done a great job collecting data for a specific purpose. However, they often struggle when it comes to utilizing the collective knowledge of all their data assets. Arrayo builds solutions and strategies following the FAIR principles of data management. This in turn minimizes the overhead and latency of gathering data, as well as fitting it to schemas that can be interpreted by computers to perform use-case-specific studies. This combined with metadata interconnectivity, scientists can perform queries across multiple datasets and retrieve the data they need.

Arrayo helps organizations operationalize their data management platform and get the most value out of their data assets. We have the subject matter expertise and project management capabilities to leverage the chosen technology solutions. We deploy data catalog solutions and work on the adoption of Analytics Platforms by the business lines, optimizing utilization as well as data consumption.

Data catalogs enable different stakeholder groups to search for and locate relevant, trustworthy data more efficiently. While there are many data catalog technologies, optimizing the usage of a catalog comes with challenges that must be overcome. To avoid bottlenecks in the process of building up your Data Catalog, you can automate metadata capture with the use of Crowdsourcing as a control mechanism. Substantial portions of metadata capture and catalog population can be performed by certain catalog solutions: Machine learning-based business term tagging, Data profiling, Data quality monitoring, Reference data detection, Data Lineage, Anomaly detection, Detecting changes in metadata, and Relationship discovery.

Building Data Commons

A great example of what our team excels at is working on data flow and applications for a personalized cancer vaccine. We build applications to support scientific researchers at the forefront of scientific discovery.

We lead the creation of structured data marts fit for specific business, scientific, or clinical use cases. Our process-oriented data management strategy ensures standardized metadata models, structured data storage, and efficient retrieval.

Many departments in corporations evolve in their own segmented environments and have little compatibility between them. The applications are not yet decoupled from the data, and while many of the data models can be reused, they’re recreated without FAIR principles of data management. Arrayo creates solutions to decouple data from applications. We enable superior data persistence, enhancing the abstraction and significance of data. This effectively accelerates the adoption of cloud deployments to both host data with computational analytic pipelines and continually increase throughput.

Democratizing and simplifying the storage and availability of internal datasets is a high priority for Arrayo clients. We have significant experience delivering a data persistence layer that makes it possible to create data lakes and further democratize data within companies ranging from small biotech startups to big pharma companies.

Computationally managed metadata can support internal applications and integrates well with external solutions. Streamlining data ingestion, exchange, and persistence into models allows for fluid transition in moving from disparate sources to well curated, machine interpretable systems. Adopting data exchange according to widely adopted, uniform formats can simplify collaboration with partners and other external organizations.

Patient Data Solutions

Applying innovation and technology to connect researchers, patients, providers, and payers to deliver personalized medicine & healthcare at a lower cost.

Team Arrayo works with clients to improve patient engagement and experience through facilitating collection of patient data, patient reported outcomes and other real-world data. Leading to better health, wellness and more personalized care. We work on the other side of the spectrum with scientists to break down data silos and democratize data across organizations. Leveraging the power of digital solutions, we can reduce medicines & diagnostics time to market, the overall cost for delivery of care, and provider burden; all while increasing interoperability by creating an ecosystem where personalized medicine and healthcare is actually possible.

Building portals and tools for scientists, patients, providers, and payers is only the tip of the iceberg. Arrayo provides forward-facing solutions that encompass the hidden part of the iceberg, i.e. data security, communication protocols, workflow automation, data management, and a solid data governance framework. We utilize the latest digital technologies like SMART on FHIR to improve research and healthcare data infrastructure, data management, EHR/EMR management, analytics, digital medicine and care delivery, supply chain, and more.

In an increasingly connected world, the adoption of digital technology, data centric systems, and automation plays a major role in the future of healthcare and the life sciences; it will drive improved outcomes and care while reducing cost and inefficiency. As always, a wide range of challenges can arise when utilizing innovative technologies and disrupting the status quo. From infrastructure and workflow analysis to complex regulations & standards, we provide industry expertise to guide and support our clients in their digital transformations.

Supporting HealthTech clients means allowing them to capture value in an increasingly connected and digital ecosystem. HealthTech solutions require a specific set of capabilities, expertise, and an innovative mindset; thanks to our expertise, Arrayo can support that journey, building data bridges across data assets.