With Arrayo’s Expertise, Get Ahead of The Cascade of Digital Challenges You Are Facing.

We have cutting-edge, industry-specific expertise in Data Governance, Data Management, Data Quality, Data Modeling, and technology implementation.

A successful Data initiative requires a multifaceted set of activities, executed by the likes of IT and business professionals, as well as subject matter experts. The complexity that comes with aligning resources can easily confound your attempts to build and operate a successful Data initiative across your organization. We are here to help you.

We are domain specialists who create solutions that help FinTech, HealthTech and HighTech companies implement and execute strategies that unlock the full potential of their data.
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Govern, Manage & Steward Data

Empower decisionmakers with a governed, central data repository.

At Arrayo, we support the process of reaching agreement and alignment in data governance across an organization, program, or department. We manage the implementation of Enterprise Data Policy, Standards & Procedures, and sustainable Governance Models by developing and executing on a roadmap of clearly defined activities.

We enable a process-oriented data management strategy and effective data governance by developing your data lineage, data dictionary, business glossary, and metadata management capabilities. We also define and implement data governance tools and assess data repositories against data governance policies and standards.

All of this ensures that stakeholders feel confident that the data driving their core business initiatives -- such as customer retention/acquisition, risk management, and regulatory compliance --is accurate and fit for purpose.

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Data Quality

We drive the implementation of data quality initiatives.

  • You want your data to be consistent and fit for its intended uses in operations, decision-making, and planning. At Arrayo, we support our customers in meeting these crucial quality thresholds. We drive the implementation of the data quality initiatives and help you define and implement data quality rules and definitions, as well as the technologies which support them. We also drive data quality remediation projects and establish processes and business-relevant metrics to continuously monitor the quality of the data.

We Optimize User Experience.

At Arrayo we believe that the quest for value, in today’s world, has essentially shifted from the delivery of services to user experience optimization and autonomy. Effective data management strategies and technologies are crucial to achieving self-service democratized data assets.