Arrayo is constantly looking for talented and ambitious recent graduates that want to evolve quickly both professionally and personally. We offer a one-year in-house training program where Intrapreneurs are fast tracked to a career as Business Developer in the professional services industry. The Program is designed to offer participants all the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in this highly competitive industry. The ultimate goal of the program is for Intrapreneurs to develop themselves both professionally and personally so that they are able to start their own business unit within Arrayo one day.

As an Intrapreneur, you will be subject to a jam-packed, intensive one-year training program that will teach you the basics of Business Development. More specifically, you will receive on-the-job training by assisting and working closely with your personally assigned mentor in addition to complementary trainings and workshops. The training program is divided into 3 phases; each phase has different development goals. The first phase is the Startup phase, in which you will learn the Arrayo basics. Consequently, the Growth phase in which you will be intensively taught the basic skills of Business Development. Lastly, the Expansion phase in which you will spread your wings and start developing your own business under the guidance of your mentor. After completion of the one-year training phase, you will have created your own future path as Business Developer and Intrapreneur at Arrayo.

What Do We Offer Intrapreneurs?

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Professional and Personal Development

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A Competitive Compensation Package

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Extra Perks

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Why Work at Arrayo?

People first!

  •      We take a more personal approach to consulting with a specialization in Data and Digital in the financial and life sciences industries; most importantly we put people first. We take pride in our collaborative environment and team-based approach!

Why Enroll in the Intrapreneurship Program?

As an Intrapreneur, professional and personal development will be of the utmost importance. With this in mind, we have carefully designed the Program in such a way that it provides you with the maximum potential for professional and personal growth. More specifically, you will have to create and develop a wide network of industry leaders (C-suite) and experts (SMEs) that will prove to be valuable throughout your career, you will organize community outreach projects and attend courses/workshops that will hone your management and business development skills, and you will have the opportunity to work under the wings of an experienced mentor and learn about all facets of business under his/her guidance.

Quite simply, the program provides the training and development essential to starting and running your own business. We provide you with great independence and flexibility which you will see is evident based on the trust we put in our employees. At Arrayo, we don’t like to micromanage our talent. We want to teach you the management and business developments skills needed to run a business so one day you can spread your wings and start your own vertical within Arrayo or even your own venture.

Come join us! We highly value entrepreneurial spirit!