Your Local Consulting Company

With Arrayo, the assurance of working local is real.

We are staff consultants and the desire to make a difference with our clients is genuine. Making a difference for our clients is our passion. It may sometimes keep us up at night, but never to the expense of the communities we live in. By treating our team members well, our consultants work with enthusiasm and beat expectations while having a great work-life balance. We solve some of the most complex and interesting business and technology challenges our clients face. We’re incredibly proud of the team we have built since the inception of Arrayo. By the same token, we are thrilled about where we are headed. As we grow locally first and in other corners of the country later on, we will do all we can to become one of the best places to work.

our locations


Access to all MBTA, Commuter Rail and Ferry locations. Close to sailing, golf, beach and mountain getaways.

50 Milk Street, 18th Floor,
Boston, MA 02109


Access to Red Line, Hubway Stations. Close to MIT and Genetown

1 Broadway, 5th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02142

New York

Access to all MTA, Commuter Rail and Ferry Locations.

1177 Avenue of the Americas, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10036

We Empower Businesses with Their Digital Assets

Digital information is the central enabler for progress – we are here to empower data intensive businesses. All industries are undergoing major digital transformations and dramatic change in the FinTech and HealthTech industries is happening as we speak. In short, we envision and deliver highly automated processes and integrated systems thanks to our deep industry expertise.

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    We create data-intensive solutions to navigate the digital and regulatory transformations.

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    We create data-intensive solutions to accelerate scientific research and clinical development.

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    Technology is everywhere; it’s an industry and the main building block of our digital ecosystem

We Get it Done!

In an industry where bigger consulting firms provide strategic and advisory services at high prices; Arrayo relies on its pragmatic approach and thorough experience in the consulting industry to support its clients in building the teams who will get the projects done!

The Right Cost.

Arrayo can offer time and material, fixed cost consulting and staff augmentation. Because of our pragmatic and “lean” approach, we deliver great resources combined to great customer service at a competitive cost. Thanks to our flexible model, we are able to offer customized, cost-effective packages to our customers depending on their budget and constraints.

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Customer Satisfaction is our Driver.

As a consulting company, we work with our clients to address the business and technical challenges inherent in addressing complex data challenges. Making a difference for our clients is our passion!

We enable our clients to accelerate their digital transformation, navigate the regulatory changes and drive more certainty and efficiency into their businesses.


Intrapreneurship is deeply ingrained in the DNA of our company. Founded in Europe and grown into a local Northeast venture, Arrayo is a company with a startup culture at its core and with teams in New England and Tri-States…and we’re just getting started.