Agility & DevOps

Improve time to market and decrease time to release

With cloud computing, mobile and e-commerce central in today’s corporation’s products and services, client organizations and more specifically their project management offices now expect project management to be Agile.
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DevOps is an evolving theory which helps bringing two important streams, Development & Operation together, to minimize time to market after the handover from development team. This definitely helps in achieving a quick release to customer, more flexibility and achieve Agile way of delivery by reducing the latency time.

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Agility and DevOps require a new breed of capable individuals that are capable of conveying small portions of the deliverables in each delivery cycle.

The hurdles to a buy-in of such method within the overall organization are important but there is no doubt: Agile methods and DevOps are well suited to complex environments where end users tend to have difficulty defining the long term requirements without being able to view progressive prototypes. The increased complexity of technology and IT landscape requires companies to evolve towards more Agility and DevOps.

With complexity growing exponentially in today’s world, Agility and DevOps allow to much better meet customer needs and is delivered with minimal costs, waste, and time, enabling companies to achieve bottom line gains earlier than with traditional approaches.

Our experienced team of Agile & DevOps consultants work hand in hand with your team to provide a platform where both operations and development operate together. In concert with your team, we also set up DevOps best practices and processes: active stakeholder management, integrated configuration and change management, automated testing, continuous integration etc.

With Arrayo’s Agility & DevOps approach we will decrease the time to release, increase the frequency of release and decrease the run rate. Continuous deployment is what we aim for and we will drive your project management organization to achieve such results.