Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Enable Your Data and Machine Learning Scientists.

Accelerate Experimentation and Deployment of Your Most Crucial Models
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Arrayo works with premier machine learning teams in industry and academia to support key scientists and data scientists in their core functions. By enabling these valuable team members to iterate faster through models with better structure, transparency, and organization, our partners spend more time on experiments and less time on busywork. With expertise in computer vision, language models, and deep reinforcement learning, we are ready to support the scientists who define your data-intensive business.

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We support data and machine learning teams by streamlining the experimentation workflow

With so many start-ups and labs entirely focused on machine learning it is important to make sure that these groups are generating as much value as possible for the company. Arrayo firmly believes that the researchers in these groups should be spending as much time as possible on experimentation and less on implementation to capture the most value possible for our clients. This is done by making their work more reproducible, more well documented, and better organized with as little effort as possible these valuable groups can stay focused on the research and core functions.

We work with our clients data science teams to identify, develop and host Data Science Models and Data Assets for better reuse.

At Arrayo, we are familiar with a wide variety of tools and techniques (Databricks, Domino Data Labs, Alteryx, KNIME) that can help any group working in the machine learning industry. Our teams understand just how important it is to keep your team focused on the problems that are at the core of your business model. With both data and machine learning engineering support we want to help your team succeed.

Arrayo’s machine learning and data science specialists understand how to make sure that your talented researchers are set up for success. Whatever your specific needs are, we want to help your scientists be as productive as possible and enable them to stay focused on the work that drives your business.