Financial Quantitative Analytics

Bringing together analytical and software engineering expertise to implement efficient, innovative solutions.

Arrayo helps financial institutions expand their data analytics capabilities to be both predictive and prescriptive, unlocking smarter insights. Our team of Quantitative Analysts and Software Engineers help companies harness the benefits of cutting-edge statistics, mathematics, analytics, and programming capabilities to grapple with difficult computational and data-related problems.
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Arrayo’s Financial Quantitative Analytics’ group focuses on the following areas:

Global Markets Model Development

Development and implementation of Risk Management Analytics: risk identification, assessment & quantification, mitigation, and response

Bank performance forecasting (Scenario analysis, forecasting, and regulatory stress tests)

Trade monitoring and surveillance (Controls monitoring, detecting system errors, insider trading, fat fingers, front-running, wash trading, and quote stuffing)

Investment management: automated advisory solutions, combining various data points, visualization tools

We have developed capabilities in the following four areas to help our financial services clients evolve:

Data analysis and manipulation
Mathematical finance, regulatory finance
Application of Machine Learning to Finance
Scientific, quantitative, and systems software development

Dynamic reporting, analytics, and dashboard tools need to be developed and constantly enhanced to help your organization deliver projects more effectively and efficiently, in an increasingly complex and data-driven environment.

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Arrayo provides financial services firms with industry-specific Data Science, Quantitative Finance, and Software Engineering expertise that will help them develop competitive advantages in critical areas while delivering projects with increased efficiency and effectiveness.