Director - Scientific Data Analysis

Domain: HealthTech, HighTech
Career Path: DataBridge, AgileData
Type: Full Time preferred

Seniority: Mid senior level
Location: Cambridge or MetroWest, MA


Python (SciPy, Jupyter, NumPy, Scikit-Learn, Pandas), GROMACS Molecular Dynamics, Matlab, Deep Learning (TensorFlow, PyTorch) and/or Bayesian (PyMC3) frameworks

RDF,  Linked data, Semantic Web


BA/BS, MS, Ph.D. Computer Science or Life Sciences

BS, MS Ph.D.  Chemistry, Bioinformatics, Pharmaceutical Science, Health Informatics, Organic Chemistry,



  • Machine learning applications with phenotypic & genomic data
  • Patient data mining
  • Data integration
  • Ontologies


We  are excited to be expanding our scientific Data Science group in our Boston and Cambridge offices. We are looking for Senior Data Scientists and Scientific Software Developers to join or lead our Scientific Data Analytics Group.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Our Scientific Data Analytics Group is in charge of:

  • Machine learning applications mixing phenotypic & genomic data (preparing data, writing algorithms, creating models, AWS data migration for HPC)
  • Processing and mining patient data for the identification of phenotypes that are maximally predictive of genetic disorder
  • Identifying correlations between genetic variants and phenotypes
  • Data integration of curated data streamed and parsed from legacy sources to RDF DB for discovery
  • Working with ETL pipelines and data transformation and mapping approaches for integration and sharing of clinical and genetics data
  • Developing reusable analytic workflows
  • Map clinical trials and disease to standard Ontologies
  • Provide ontology management system (as a service) that allows for augmentation, and other continuous edits, updates, and management of standard ontologies.
  • Apply NLP engines and provide resource expertise focused on EMR, eCRF, clinical data curation and annotation.
  • Engaged in building an integrated knowledge network linking internal, subscription and public data sources.
  • Clinical Imaging (Digital Pathology)

Director - Scientific Data Analysis

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