Intrapreneur - Business Development Associate for the Intrapreneurship Program

Domain: FinTech (NYC), HealthTech (Boston) , HighTech (Boston & NYC)
Career Path: Business Development
Type: Full Time, Salaried

Seniority: Junior to Mid-Level
Location: Boston/NYC


– An ability to listen to customers with a genuine interest in understanding their needs
– Unimpeachable honesty and integrity – we need to trust you to represent Arrayo’s values and vision to our most important clients
– An aptitude for clearly conveying our value proposition to high-level decision-makers, both in person and over the phone
– A focus on building long term relationships, not just hitting monthly quotas
– A systematic approach and strong organization to sales outreach and follow up
– A motivated, goal orientated attitude
– A willingness and eagerness to learn how to lead a solution, services & consulting sales meeting within the Fintech/HealthTech/HighTech space
– A candidate who wants to be part of building a start-up and reach uncapped goals
– Strong “go getter” mentality
– Great intellectual curiosity and a genuine interest in solving problems
– Excellent communication & written skills


FinTech: BS/BA, MS, PhD in business-related field
HealthTech: BS/BA, MS, PhD in STEM-related field
Hightech:BS/BA, MS, PhD in STEM-related or business-related field


No prior experience required, although experience in business development/relationship management is a plus. Previous working history regardless of industry is preferred with strong professional or academic references.


The Intrapreneurship Program is Arrayo’s very own management training program. We are constantly looking for talented and ambitious recent graduates that want to evolve quickly both professionally and personally. We offer a one-year in-house training program where Intrapreneurs are fast tracked to a career as Business Developer in the professional services industry. The Program is designed to offer participants all the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in this highly competitive industry. The ultimate goal of the Program is for Intrapreneurs to develop themselves both professionally and personally so that they are able to start their own business unit within Arrayo one day.

What can participants expect to get out of the Program?
Quite simply, the Program provides the training and development essential to starting and running your own business. We provide you with great independence and flexibility which you will see is evident based on the trust we put in our employees. At Arrayo, we don’t like to micromanage our talent. We want to teach you the management and business developments skills needed to run a business so one day you can spread your wings and start your own vertical within Arrayo or even your own venture. We highly value entrepreneurial spirit!

What does the Program entail exactly?
As an Intrapreneur, you will be subject to a jam-packed, intensive one-year training program that will teach you the basics of Business Development in the professional services industry. More specifically, you will receive on-the-job training by assisting and working closely with your assigned mentor in addition to complementary trainings and workshops. The training program is divided into 3 phases (which are named after the stages in Business Life Cycle Theory); each phase has different development goals. The first phase is the Startup phase, in which you will learn the Arrayo basics. Consequently, the Growth phase in which you will be intensively taught the basic skills of Business Development. Lastly, the Expansion phase in which you will spread your wings and start developing your own business under the guidance of your mentor. After completion of the one-year training phase, you will have created your own future path as Business Developer and Intrapreneur at Arrayo.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities depend on which phase of the training you are in. The Intrapreneur’s responsibilities will gradually increase in both importance and amount.

The Startup Phase (one month)
You are taught the basics of Arrayo and the professional services industry thanks to the close relationship with your personally assigned Senior-Intrapreneur. You’ll learn about Arrayo’s strategy, value proposition, the way Arrayo does business and why we are so different from our competitors. You’ll meet with Arrayo’s Business Developers and Executive Vice Presidents who will teach you everything about Arrayo. You will have weekly Evaluation Meetings with your mentor and weekly Progress Meetings with the Intrapreneur Program Manager. Lastly, in order to kick of your personal development plan, you’ll lay the first stone of your personal content creation program as well as begin planning your very own community outreach project.

The Growth Phase (four months)
Once you have learned how to present Arrayo to clients and consultants, you will work closely with your Mentor in finding candidates for Arrayo’s consulting and project delivery team and acting as an inside sales associate. While doing so you start acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge needed to present yourself as a true Arrayo Business Developer. In this phase, you “steal with your eyes” from your mentor while taking your first small steps towards “Business Developer-ship”. In the Growth phase, you continue to work on your community outreach project, start joining your mentor at industry conferences and professional networking events, as well as attend your first courses and workshops. Your progress and success will be continuously tracked by your mentor and by monthly progress meetings with the Program Manager.

The Expansion Phase (seven months)
It is time for you to spread your wings. Over the last five months, you have learned from working closely with your mentor. Now, you will try and find new clients of your own. You start prospecting, conveying Arrayo’s strategy and added value to industry leaders, while offering them solutions developed in cooperation with Arrayo’s consultants and/or project delivery teams. You continue to work closely with your mentor and start building your own business under their guidance. Moreover, you attend additional workshops and conferences, you present your content creation project and organize the community outreach event you’ve been planning.

Intrapreneur - Business Development Associate for the Intrapreneurship Program

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Arrayo is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer and as such does not discriminate against any applicant for employment or employee on the basis of race, color, religious creed, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, veteran status or any other classification protected by applicable discrimination laws.