Building Data Bridges.

Build your data foundations. Unleash the power of your data.

At Arrayo we support the Chief Data Officers of major and international financial institutions. We specialize in guiding financial companies on their path to becoming data-driven organizations. We assist them in implementing data management, data governance and data visualization solutions.
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Initially active in regulatory compliance and in order to support the increased burden of regulations, Arrayo has created a dedicated Data Governance practice. We support the development of custom Enterprise Data Management (EDM) Policies and Data Management organizations including Data Owners, Data Stewards, Data Quality Admins, Technical Data Owners, Data Architects and CDO team. We implement data quality programs and resolve data quality defects to support regulatory and business challenges.

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We build foundational data capabilities across all data domains, including data dictionary and glossary, data lineage, data profiling, reference data, data quality dashboards with standard metric definitions and data maturity model. We can assess data practices to be in compliance with regulatory goals. We are here to help you.

On top of their Data foundations, financial firms seeking high performance use dashboards and data visualization tools to understand data coming from a wide array of different sources and to improve risk agility and flexibility. Arrayo’s risk analytics experts support financial services companies in leveraging data analytics to make sure that you expand on the good data, that you can trust your data and extract value from them.

One of the real Fintech’s real game-changer is Blockchain, the technology that allows the exchange of value peer-to-peer globally, in real time, for almost free, in a trusted and secure environment. All financial services firms are evaluating the potential benefits. Some are one step further, already building blockchain applications.

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Arrayo is following this path towards the future of financial transactions and has developed capabilities to help financial institutions take advantage of this technology, move their blockchain initiatives forward, and eventually streamline their operations and costs.