Building Data Bridges

Build your data foundations. Unleash the power of your data.

At Arrayo we support the Chief Data Officers of major and international financial institutions. We specialize in guiding financial institutions on their path to becoming data-driven organizations. We assist them in implementing data management, data governance, and data visualization solutions.
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Arrayo has a dedicated Data Governance practice to support our clients in the development of an Enterprise Data Management (EDM) Framework and the requisite policies, procedures, guidelines, and standards. Arrayo excels at changing the DNA of the firm through the establishment and adoption of the integrated Data Management organization and driving culture change across the organization. This includes establishing roles and responsibilities for Data Owners, Data Stewards, and Data Architects across the organization and building bridges (diplomacy) to keep the excitement going around the change initiatives. We implement data governance & data quality programs, build records management/information governance capabilities, and resolve data quality defects to support regulatory and business challenges.

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We build foundational data capabilities across all data domains, including:

1. Data Governance – The guiding principles and human organization that support an organization’s Enterprise Data Management strategy
2. Data Quality – The activities related to the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the data
3. Data Management – The specifications of how data is actually managed to be in compliance with data governance policies and standards
4. Data Architecture – The process of standardizing how organizations collect, store, transform, distribute, and use data
5. Data protection – The rules & safeguards that apply under various laws and regulations to personal data that organizations collect, store, use, and disclose
6. Records Management / Information Governance – Managing the evidence of an organization's activities as well as the reduction or mitigation of risk associated with it

Arrayo’s risk analytics advisers support financial services companies in leveraging data analytics to ensure that you can trust and extract value from your data.

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