Data Intensive Digital Transformation

Capture the value of a more connected application ecosystem.

Across industries, companies are confronting technological challenges as our world becomes increasingly digital. A fundamental shift in business model is required to survive. It can be achieved by promoting systems which support data-centric interoperability and interconnectivity. We improve user experience by utilizing technology to create application ecosystems. This involves data visualization and full stack web development thanks to our deep industry expertise with the data at hand.

We are domain specialists who create solutions that help FinTech, HealthTech and HighTech companies capture the value of a more connected digital world.
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Complex Connectivity Realized

We cover automated, interactive, and domain-specific connectivity.

Team Arrayo provides a seamless experience in an incredibly complex ecosystem of networks, storage, and applications. We meet new demands for computational and collaboration tools by building systems that facilitate the interpretation of large volumes of data. We help our clients address challenges posed by the vast amount of legacy and new data being produced by the industry. Enabling connectivity increases productivity and efficiency across business units.

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Driving Cloud Solutions

Cloud adoption done right!

Combining real-time data and cloud computing with enhanced connectivity allows for unprecedented applications. With these rapidly evolving technologies, we guide and support our clients in cloud and hybrid cloud solutions. We envision and design these cloud solutions for our clients using industry-leading providers and innovative technologies.

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Digital Transformation

Building a leading digital offering involves three digital paths

  •      An increased need to leverage APIs and opensource technologies
  • Facilitating data science capabilities and strategies to evolve your company in an “intelligent” way; augmented Intelligence is the future of a more productive workforce.
  • Integrating various stakeholders into one digital and data-centric ecosystem to democratize data, which in turn allows companies to address a wide variety of problems using big data analytics.

Connecting Legacy to Innovation

Extend data and application lifespan and reduce technical debt!

We help our clients address challenges that result from the vast amount of legacy and new data being produced by the industry. We bring legacy software into line to sustain current requirements. We also extend application longevity by expanding the use of such software to new needs. When appropriate, we suggest new technologies, but our priority is always to keep our clients’ technology and business needs at the forefront. We reach project objectives while utilizing robust IT capabilities and best practices that extend all the way to system design and software development.

Our Engineering and Digital Skills

We provide expertise and flexibility to augment in-house capabilities. Our portfolio of services includes:

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Graphical User Interface (GUI) development and data visualization

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RESTful API and Microservice implementations

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Database design and schema construction

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DevOps & infrastructure as code implementations

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Continuous Integration & Deployment (CI/CD)

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Mobile Apps

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Enterprise software Integration & Customization

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Validation & Verification

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System Integration

Our experienced team of technologists works hand in hand with your team to achieve unparalleled long-term success.

Connected Reality

Interoperability & interconnectivity

Organizations are exploring the best ways to combine integrated enterprise, real-time, cloud, and mobile-computing solutions. The flexibility afforded by cloud and mobile computing gives the ability to design new systems that deliver services to internal and external users. Moreover, it enables organizations to capture the emerging value of an increasingly connected and digital world.