Let’s Connect

Capture the value of a connected world.

With Connect, we allow objects to be sensed and controlled remotely across network infrastructures, creating opportunities for more direct integration, and resulting in improved efficiency and accuracy. We leverage the infrastructure of the information society for economic benefit. When augmented with sensors and high levels of data centric interoperability and interconnectivity it enables for new and smart services. We create an improved user experience requiring smooth interactions for simple or complex functionalities.

We are domain specialists who create solutions that help FinTech, HealthTech and HighTech companies capture the value of a connected world.
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Complex Connectivity Made Easy

We cover automated, interactive and domain-specific connectivity.

Connect focuses on managing networking complexity. We enable and improve the communication between objects and with the user. We engineer the end-to-end systems, provide expertise and technology consulting, engineer and manage the development roadmaps for connected products. We offer front end development to enable ergonomic interaction with connected objects and thoroughly test to ensure seamless operation.

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Virtual Delivers Real Bucks

Virtualization done right!

Software as a Service (SaaS) and virtualization are embraced by all sorts of corporations. Combining this with real time data processing and enhanced connectivity, today’s technologies allow for never seen before applications and rapidly evolving systems that will revolutionize the world you know. Be ready! The systems we design for our clients consider scalability, performance, availability, business continuity in addition to affordability, time-to-market, compliance and security.

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Digital Transformation

Building a leading digital offering includes three corresponding digital paths

  •      An increased need to leverage APIs to connect with marketplaces and Open platforms
  • A growing need for developing a data science team able to cope with the developments of required algorithms that will transform your company in an intelligent system
  • Consider integrating people – workers, customers, suppliers… - into your digital ecosystem with bring-your-own (BYO) policies, digital controls, sensors, wearables to benefit from an augmented and connected world.

Connect the Old with the New

Wrap it up!

We focus on building robust IT capabilities that meet clients’ technology, interoperability and business needs. We reach project objectives while utilizing best practices that extend to system design and software development. We bring into line legacy software to sustain current requirements and extend application lifecycle by expanding the use of such software to new needs.

Our Core Network and Connectivity Skills

We provide expertise and flexibility to extend in-house capabilities. Our portfolio of services includes:

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Reengineering of Systems

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Network architecture and deployment

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Connectivity Architecture

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SOA, ESB and Middleware

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Web, Cloud Application Design & Test

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Mobile App & Controls Design & Test

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Enterprise software Integration & Customization

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Software & System Verification

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Validation and Review

Our experienced team of technologists work hand in hand with your team to achieve unparalleled short and long term success.

Connected Reality

Interoperability & interconnectivity

Organizations are exploring the best ways to combine integrated enterprise, real-time, Cloud and mobile-computing solutions. Arrayo helps its customers to get such high levels of data centric interoperability and interconnectivity. The flexibility afforded by cloud and mobile computing gives us the ability to design new systems that deliver services to internal and external users and to capture the emerging value in the increasingly connected and digital world.