Case Study | 16/09/2021

Global Records Management Program


  • –  The COO of a large Foreign Banking Organization (FBO) initiated a global Records Management (RM) program. The FBO needs to be in compliance with global, national and local laws and regulations in terms of record management.
  • –  An external software vendor has been selected to manage the Retention Schedule and the Inventory of Records.
  • –  The program will cover both structured and unstructured records, including paper records.
  • –  Arrayo acts as a sparring-partner to the selected external vendor.

The Project

Arrayo supports the design, setup and implementation of global Records Management program. Arrayo provides the advisory, project management and hands-on business analysis capabilities required to perform the gap analysis, program setup and execution.

  • –  Review of existing RM Policy and develop a draft of an improved RM Policy
  • –  Coordination of a comprehensive analysis of all rules, regulations and federal/states and local laws in terms of RM that are applicable to the FBO
  • –  Perform a comprehensive analysis of FBO’s current RM processes
  • –  Gap analysis of inventory of systems / repositories
  • –  Collaborate with the external software vendor to create a Retention Schedule
  • –  RM processes definition, reengineering/optimization to be compliant with all applicable rules and regulations and set up an effective RM practice
  • –  Act as a RM Champion across the firm to promote the RM initiatives
  • –  Support the expansion of the Data Stewards’ scope of responsibility to include RM
  • –  Support with the setup of a pragmatic iterative project management and communication approach to show progress to Senior Management in an effective manner
  • –  Plan and support the growth of the RM team to other Regions when necessary


Arrayo team delivered:

  • –  Complete Retention Schedule
  • –  List record types, create applicable citations, recommended retention and identify record owners
  • –  Capture metadata on record types per existing practice
  • –  Complete Gap Analysis
  • –  Policy and Procedures
  • –  Including Roles and Responsibilities
  • –  Coordinate definition of key RM processes including inventory management, regulatory landscape monitoring, disposition, retrieval