Multi-Dimensional Data Analytics: From Rule based to Deep Learning

Shorten time to market with Arrayo’s preclinical and clinical services.


Research efficiency and effectiveness can improve tremendously when you harness the power of advanced analytics.
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We combine the right skills with the agility required to answer to the rapidly evolving demands of the pharma/biotech industry. We support our clients in transforming raw data into meaningful and insightful information and allow for rapid interpretation of large volumes of data. We support our clients in analyzing datasets, merging them and ensuring consistency in the handling of multi-omics and other data sources.

Extracting information from vast multidimensional datasets represents the next frontier of innovation and productivity in the life sciences. We provide data simulation, predictive analytics, perform statistical analysis, visualize, and mine large amounts of data. Data modeling and simulation are fundamental techniques that drive life science research.

We leverage the value of existing data sources, both internal and external, by developing ontologies, appropriate data models, data management and implementing relevant data processing tools. Our bioinformatics services include data curation, informatics ontologies (i.e. Gene Ontology, ChEBI, etc…) We have extensive know-how loading and utilizing large public data sources such as 1000 Genomes, TCGA, CCLE, and others.


Bringing medical, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products to market is a complex and high-risk race.

At Arrayo our team of high caliber professionals make it possible. We have industry experts in all areas of clinical operations and clinical data science. Cooperation among a diverse group of stakeholders —research sponsors, clinical investigators, patients, payers, physicians, and regulators — is key in conducting effective and efficient clinical trials. Time, money, personnel, materials and a clear plan for completing the necessary steps in a trial are all part of clinical research infrastructure. All these components require support systems, informatics and an experienced data science team to expedite trials select appropriate patients, and bring life changing medications to patients faster.

On the operations side of things we partner with providers to bring IoT to the lab.


On the analytics side, we provide clinical data analysis, interpretation, and data representation for internal and external uses. We have expertise in statistical theory, development of statistical methodology, and utilization of computational tools to drive decision processes around clinical trials. We use a set of tools including SAS, R, Oracle Clinical and Oracle RDC, and our consultants have an excellent understanding of the major regulatory guidelines (ICH, FDA, EMA, etc…), electronic submission standards (SDTM, ADaM) and design of preclinical to post-marketing studies.


At Arrayo, we uniquely combine industry knowledge, statistical, science, analytics and clinical expertise having profound positive impact on preclinical and clinical performance. We support our clients in bridging the operational gap between pre-clinical discovery and commercial launch. Team Arrayo ensures clinical operations excellence by utilizing the most effective technology.